Risk Assessment and Mitigation Consulting

Understanding your exposure is the first step in any risk management initiative

Creating an infrastructure that supports risk mitigation and management is the next. CCA helps organizations identify their critical human capital risk areas, ensure that key risk mitigation elements are in place, and refine those elements to optimize risk management and prevention.

CCA’s Risk Assessment and Mitigation Consulting includes:

Organizational Risk Assessment

Know the enemy. The level and causes of human capital risk (HCR) vary widely from company to company. CCA’s HCRM team of industrial-organizational psychologists and behavioral experts can help you evaluate the potential sources and severity of human capital risk specific to your organization so you can develop targeted responses.

The Three P's: Policy, Procedure, and Practices

Research has shown that ineffective or absent workplace policies and procedures can increase the incidence of undesirable workplace behaviors.

CCA works with your HR professionals to ensure that your organization has clear, comprehensive, equitable practices in place that promote and reinforce positive workplace behaviors and attitudes.

Risk Mitigation Planning

Our HCRM team can work with you to:

  • Identify areas of exposure, including organizational factors or practices that increase the risk of undesirable incidents
  • Develop a comprehensive, directed Risk Mitigation Plan that encompasses solutions such as:
  • Workplace Violence policies and protocols
  • Threats of violence (TOV) Team, procedures, and training (warning signs, de-escalation, resources)
  • Consistent performance management practices and tools to reduce perceived or actual inequities
  • Change management planning and support services to mitigate adverse reactions (strategic planning, HR/manager training, on-site counselors during downsizing)
  • Initiatives to improve workplace dynamics (Diversity & Inclusion, Anti-bullying)
  • Conflict mediation
  • Training for managers and employees to support these initiatives through education, awareness, and skill-building

To learn more about CCA's Risk Assessment and Mitigation consulting, contact us.